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Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Our air-cooled heat exchangers are considered state-of-the-art equipment by many users.

Our products are found worldwide across many applications such as Oil and Gas, Refineries, Chemical, Process, Power Generation, Steel, and many other industries. Since H.E.A.T manufacturers each air-cooled heat exchanger to custom specifications, we insist on uncompromising standards to meet your unique requirements.

Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. air coolers meet or exceed ASME and API 661 standards due in part to our precise design engineering and quality manufacturing techniques.

Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. air-cooled heat exchangers offer many unique features, such as: variable-pitch fan hubs, 2-speed motors, galvanized or stainless construction, freeze protection, louvers, maintenance walkways, and other special features required for your application. Our air coolers may also be equipped with stainless steel headers or any of several high-alloy material options. Plug Box headers, Removable Cover Plate headers and manifold type headers are available. H.E.A.T. offers a variety of fin types using similar and dissimilar tube and fin materials. To enhance the heat transfer with viscous fluids H.E.A.T. also offers customized turbulators.