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Boiler Economizers and Waste Heat Boilers

Boiler Economizers

Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. designs and builds the most efficient economizers in the world. Economizers can be designed to operate using exhaust gas from Natural Gas, Oil, Coal, Wood or any other waste gas stream.Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. can supply economizers using similar and dissimilar tube and fin configurations engineered for maximum heat transfer and corrosion resistance. Solid tubesheet construction isolates the return bends and manifold headers from the corrosive flue gas and fly ash deposits. Solid tube sheet with our exclusive tube seal collars provide smooth surface for thermal expansion/contraction of tube and thereby increasing the life of the economizer.

Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. Economizers dramatically reduce boiler fuel consumption by efficiently removing waste heat from the flue gas and returning the heat to the feedwater system. Our customized analysis allows optimum, cost effective operation of your system to ensure the greatest return on investment and shortest payback period.

Waste Heat Boilers

Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. unfired waste heat boilers recover valuable BTU’s from hot process, diesel, or gas turbine exhaust. These boilers are designed and constructed to Section I of the ASME Code for Power Boilers.

Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. optimizes your return on investment by studying critical operating parameters-including space availability, operating temperatures, fuel consumption, system capacities and many other factors.

Because of our expertise and unsurpassed production capabilities, H.E.A.T. Economizers and other Heat Recovery Systems are recognized throughout the industry for setting high standard of excellence. Our clientele include Power Plants, Oil & Refineries, Pulp and Paper, Food, Chemical & Process, and Fertilizer industries.

  • Welded or Brazed Finned Tubes
  • ASME Certifications and National Board Registration
  • Customized Removable end doors to access bends/manifold headers
  • Similar and Dissimilar Tube and Fin Configurations
  • Cold or Hot Forged Bends
  • C.S., High Alloy and Exotic Alloy construction