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Specialty Heat Exchangers

Tank Heaters

Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. tank heaters are designed to heat any fluid with maximum efficiency in a variety of industries, including: food, pulp and paper, chemical processing and coal tar production. Tank heaters are constructed with your choice of plate fin or helically-wound fin tube.

Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. tank heaters utilizing plate fin tube construction offer a high surface area providing maximum thermal efficiency. Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. tank heaters are available in two- and four-legged models.

Intercoolers and Aftercoolers

Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. intercoolers and aftercoolers are specialized heat exchangers that are used in multi-stage compressor systems to cool the pressurized air or gas. These units, like most heat exchangers, can use one of a variety of types of finned tube construction.

Air Cooling Coils

Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. produces high performance air cooling coils to cool air using chilled water. These coils make denser inflow air to the gas turbines, and thus maximizing the efficiency of the co-generating facility. We have an extended diversity of fin and tube configurations. We also have a wide variety of material choices. Heat Exchange Applied Technology Inc. air cooling coils meet or exceed ASME standards due in part to our precise design engineering and quality manufacturing techniques. The coils shown were constructed of aluminum material. These coils were constructed for one of the largest oil company’s co-generation facility.

Piping Systems

  • Mitred Elbows, Tees, Reducers and Process Piping
  • Segmented and Fabricated, Flanged or Welded Ends
  • Built to specified angle, radius and segment
  • For high volume, low pressure water lines, and other process piping application.
  • Process Piping:
    • Pipe Spools
    • Detailing and fabrication
    • Verities of materials available
    • Construction per ASME Code
  • Welding Process:
    • TIG
    • MIG
    • Spray Arc
    • Flux core
    • Submerged Arc Welding
    • ASME certified welders